ASA Companies

ASA partners with many successful and aspiring entrepreneurs to raise money for The Movement and create more jobs in local communities. On a monthly basis, we invest money into dozens of new entrepreneurs, who have created cutting-edge products and innovative services. By partnering ASA with their businesses, we're able to generate additional revenue streams, which we use to fund more businesses and create more jobs.

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This Life-Changing Product helps people overcome their drug addiction, without having to rely on prescription drugs. It's the first beverage that was created for the purpose of battling drug addiction. With the rise of drug-related (especially heroin) deaths in this country, ASA is proud to be a partner with this phenomenal company. Click Here for website.
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It is a patented and safe all natural pain reliever. With all natural ingredients, you can comfortably use this product to alleviate acute or chronic pain. Every family needs a bottle of Levare in their household. It helps with all levels of pain whether it be a nagging tooth ache, menstrual cycle, or even a post surgical operation. Click Here for website.
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Infusion Blends

Infusion Blends allows the novice cook and the expert chef the ability to add flavor and excitement to foods in minutes. IB creates gourmet seasonings free from preservatives and artificial additives. IB decided to take the typical compound butter from interesting to sensational by customizing spice blends packed with flavors. Click Here for website.
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This is the very first branded usb phone charging cable in the marketplace. It features some of your favorite sports teams, brands, and organizations. This unique cable is leather covered which allows it to be more durable and guaranteed to last 7 times longer than your average plastic cable. It also provides a super fast charge. Click Here to learn more.
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Cold Hammer Stills

Manufactures uniquely flavored liqueurs that are rooted in the American consciousnesses. Seven of its flavors are modeled after the best selling candies in the world. Some of these flavors include Chocolate Peanut Butter, Black Widow, Almond Enjoy, Gas Light Cinnamon, Chocolate Cappuccino and Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper. Click Here for website.
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This amazing clipper holder is the first of its kind. It provides barbers, beauticians, animal groomers, and veterinarians with a more effective way to not only store their clippers but also keep their clippers clean and sanitized. This company also has products that provide a more effective way to store clipper accessories. Click Here to learn more.