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ASA’s mission is to beautify, strengthen, and provide aid to our nation by mobilizing millions of Americans to participate in solving some of America’s greatest challenges.

Oftentimes, we look at some our streets, notice their filth and ask ourselves, why hasn’t our local government cleaned this yet. We encounter many homeless people in our cities and we wonder, why aren't there more shelters doing something to help. We hear horror stories of Veterans not being taken care of and we complain that they have been abandoned and forgotten. We see in the news, tragic incidents of people losing their homes, belongings, and loved ones to unexpected tragedies such as natural disasters and we simply express our empathy. It's time for We The People to see America's problems as our own personal problems.

Americans Serving America makes it possible for ALL Americans, who are ready to Serve, to take personal ownership and responsibility of helping America solve its greatest challenges. Our 5 Main Initiatives are: (1) Keep America's Streets Clean (2) Help Shelter and Feed America's Homeless Citizens (3) Provide Needed Assistance to America's Veterans (4) Provide Disaster Relief to America's Victims of Unexpected Tragedies and (5) Provide Volunteers for Hundreds of America's Non-Profits.

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